1. What is the minimum space we need to book? And what is the cost for a fully-equipped booth?
The minimum space in Beijing, Shanghai is 7.5 sqm (3m x 2.5m), and 6 sqm (3m x 2m) in other cities. The booth cost will include:
- Fascia board with exhibitor’s E/C names
- Aluminum frame system, white plywood panel walls on all closed sides of the booth
- Booth fully carpeted
- 2 Information counters, 1 square table and 5 chairs for Beijing and Shanghai each
- 1 IBM table and 4 chairs for Guangzhou and Chengdu each
- 2 Lights
- 1 Single-phase socket (220V/5A)
- 1 Waste basket

Please refer to Fees and Payment for more details.
2. How shall we pay the booth fee after we submit the application? Will there be any payment deadline?
Upon receipt of exhibitor's Application & Contract Form, the organizer will send a written confirmation and an invoice for booth payment by email.

The booth fee should be paid within 15 working days from the date of invoice.

All payment has to be made by T/T (telegraphic transfer) based on the invoice provided to exhibitors after the application is confirmed. All bank charges should be borne by the exhibitor. All payment should be made by the date shown on the invoice, failure to pay booth fee by the due date will be subject to cancellation of contract.
3. Is the exhibition open to public? How much dose the ticket cost?
The exhibition is open to public. For Beijing and Shanghai expo, the visitors are required for the admission ticket. Visitors who do the online registration before the expo can get the free admission tickets. The online registration will be available early September. Others should buy admission tickets at CNY10 per person on site.

For Chengdu and Guangzhou, the expo is open to all visitors for free of charge. No admission tickets are required.
4. How can we send our materials to our booth?
Here is the contact details of official freight forwarder. you may contact them directly for the shipping instruction.
5. How can we pay the booth fee in USD or EURO?
To pay the booth fee in USD or EURO etc., an equivalent to Chinese rates shall be paid based on the exchange rates of the day.
6. Will the Organizer be able to issue a letter for Business Visa?
Invitation letter will be sent within 1 week after exhibitor’s submission of application form and scanned passport pages through online account. This service will be open after June 20, 2017.
7. What does it mean by "Co-exhibitor"? And what is the cost of surcharge of 25%?
Co-exhibitor means two institutions share one booth, and booth fee is subject to 25% surcharge for each city. Co-exhibitor will be entitled to exhibitor name in the fascia board and description of it in the exhibitor online profile.
8. Is there any qualifications requirement for participating in China Education Expo?
Any schools or institutions, officially certified by governmental agencies or authorized representatives home and abroad in the international education community, in particular those with their academic degrees certified by MOE ( www.jsj.edu.cn ), are welcome to submit their applications. Organizer shall reserve the right to accept or refuse any application.
9. Weather: For more info, please visit: www.weather.com.cn/english