Participation Guide

• Exhibitor Profile 
1. National pavilions
2. Regionally recognized overseas schools, colleges and universities
3. Regionally recognized overseas vocational education schools
4. Regionally recognized overseas language training schools and institutions
5. Embassies or Governmental organizations
6. Student services providers before and after studying abroad (banking, accommodations, insurance, airlines, law office,
    internet plus & career development companies etc.)

• Participation Guidelines
1. Only regionally accredited overseas academic institutions are accepted.
2. Institutions shall only be represented by authorized personnel (faculty professor, advisor, lecturer or recruitment officer)
    from the institutions themselves.
3. As we promote direct communication between overseas schools with Chinese students, we couldn’t accept any third party
    recruiters or agencies or domestic language training organizations or Alumni running agency business.

• Participation Procedures
1. Apply by online registration or download the PDF Application and Contract. Please complete the registration form and
    submit it as soon as possible.
2. Upon receipt of the application, the Show Management Office will inform the applicant and send the invoice for payment.
3. The booth location will be confirmed after the receipt of the booth rental fee.
4. The Show Management Office will create the Exhibitor online account, which is compiled to assist exhibitors to prepare for
5. Booths will be allocated upon receipt of full payment and the allocations are on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

• Target Visitors
1. People seeking for education opportunities for children, friends, relatives and themselves
2. Those searching for right courses
3. Those who need special training with special time requirements
4. Schools and education institutes seeking for cooperation with abroad
5. Officially approved education service agencies
6. Professionals working for international education exchanges
7. Government official in education circle
8. Researchers of education development
9. Entrepreneurs with training plans
10. Representatives of education funds
11. Official education delegations from other countries